Interim Business Efficiency Consultant

case-study-glasses-finance-2-400x250The client:

A fast growing global mining supply company asked us to provide an interim manager to help them improve performance across the business. The business employs over 800 people globally and has a turnover of over $200 million annually.

The brief:

The business, which has experienced over 340% growth in the last decade, has been a true success story. However, the management identified that performance could be improved and sought an expert opinion from an ‘outsider’. We were tasked to find a seasoned interim with experience of undertaking large scale business improvements, someone skilled at process optimisation and with a track-record in achieving cost cutting.

Watermark’s solution:

We provided the CEO with a shortlist of 4 professionals, all with strong consulting and advisory experience in manufacturing and/or mining services. The interim appointed, identified and designed cost-saving and performance enhancing solutions for many improvement areas across the business. He wrote a Board Paper to justify a full global restructure and mentored company executives in best practice procedures and in improving communications.

The outcome:

Bottom line savings provided by an industry expert and former management consultant.

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