Interim CEO

case-study-business-meeting-400x250The client:

We were approached by the owners of a leading energy company who had unexpectedly received the resignation of their CEO. The business, of over 200 employees, was in good shape and eager to progress its growth strategy.

The brief:

With the CEOs sudden departure, our client identified the need for a stabilising influence whilst they reflected and prepared to conduct a formal search for a replacement. They wanted a seasoned executive with proven leadership qualities and strong operational and industrial experience. It was crucial that the interim was able to quickly gain the respect of the senior management team and the trust of the board.

Watermark’s solution:

We worked quickly, providing the Chairman with a shortlist of 4 suitable interim managers, who had the required skill sets, experience and leadership capabilities. The board invited 3 of these to interview and appointed within 3 weeks of us receiving the brief. The interim appointed had over 10 years experience in leading a larger business in a similar industry. For the past 4 years he has worked independently as an interim manager in either CEO or restructuring roles across a range of industries. The board have been impressed with his breath of experience and ability to ‘hit the ground running’.

The outcome:

Immediate leadership stability and continuity during change, no loss of revenue.

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