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7563.Business-Social-MediaWhy Your Employer Brand Matters

The proliferation of social media has made it very easy for people to rant about terrible bosses, describe a ‘day in the life’ of their job, and share their views about what it’s really like to work for their employer.

On the one hand, these ubiquitous communications help job seekers filter which companies they’d like to work for, and which they’d rather not.

Yet for enterprises in every global industry, these issues provide more compelling evidence that what other people have to say about your company, your brand and its products may be far more important than what you actually know about them.

Whether grounded in truth or fiction, and be they influenced more by positive role models or by disgruntled former employees, perceptions about your organisation are being shared virally whether you like it or not and telling prospective employees, business partners and customers what really defines it.

Your company’s employer brand is an important part of its reputation. That reputation, much like your own personal and professional brand, is valuable, but also malleable – subject to forces good and bad, informed and ignorant, old and new. So what does this mean now for global leaders?

While there is much to be concerned about when it comes to creating and building a positive employer brand, there is actually a lot of upside.

Companies and leaders the world over are learning invaluable insights from their customers. In some cases, social media is giving customers the voice they never previously had. In others, it’s enabling your best customer outcomes to go viral, thereby multiplying the effect of what we’ve always known as good ‘ole ‘word of mouth.’

Your organisation’s employment brand – the story of what it’s really like to work for your you – matters more now than ever before. It speaks to the potential of your enterprise, and how and why talented people can join it and realise their own potential with your company.

When you find the time, go ahead and poke around the web to see what people are saying about what it’s like to work under your banner. You’ll likely learn a few things, and more importantly, you can get to work right away changing perceptions if you don’t like what you find.

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