Archives for September 2014

Australia’s approach to appointing Chief Digital Officers is not as advanced as it should be.

The acceptance of technology in our day to day lives is no different from the way that technology has embedded itself into every corner of business. Emails, Skype calls, video conferencing, systems mobility, digital security Read more

Tender Document or Interim Resume? Approach them the same way.

In every case we advise that your traditional format resume be tailored for every prospective assignment.  When we work with our registered Interim Associates we look closely at the key deliverables of the client’s brief and Read more

Big Data…and the end of HR (as we know it)

Watermark Search International recently held a client breakfast with Directioneering, where the topic was “Big Data…and the end of HR (as we know it)”. Gareth Bennett was the speaker and he was in his element, having a very Read more