How are you prepared for the ‘Gig Economy’?

The ‘Gig Economy’ (or growth in the use of contingent workers) has been cited by Deloitte (1) as a key human capital trend.

The Deloitte survey revealed 42% of executives expect to see an increase or a significant increase in the use of contingent workers in the next three to five years.

We see this nationally, in the rising numbers of freelancers for Airbnb or Uber but at Watermark we also see it with senior level, high calibre executives such as CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and Transformation Directors working independently and flexibly across a wide range of sectors.

These are the common concerns when hiring senior executives in this ‘Gig Economy’:

  • Is the level of talent I need really out there?
  • How does it link with strategic business and workforce planning?
  • Is governance right; has formal checking (references/qualifications) been carried out?
  • How do I establish formal contracts that provide me protection?
  • How does this fit in with payroll and HR?

Watermark Search produces 150+ interim executive shortlists a year for clients.

We support our clients by maintaining a talent pool and add value by conducting formal checks, establishing and monitoring formal contracts and following up with the executives to ensure that they have ‘fitted in’ with the client.

Working with Watermark helps bring governance, assurance and choice when tapping into the ‘Gig Economy’.

(1) The gig economy. Distraction or disruption? Deloitte University Press by Jeff Schwartz, Udo Bohdal-Spiegelhoff, Michael Gretczko, & Nathan Sloan published in February 2016. Read full article.