Market Mapping

Watermark Search International offers a tailor-made “market mapping” solution, providing in-depth market intelligence analysis.


Market Mapping is a highly useful process of assessing specific industry dynamics and the quality of the talent pool within particular sectors.

Our tailored market mapping solution can be used to:

  • Identify a pool of high achieving potential managers and be in a position to activate these high potential candidates quickly in the case of a new recruitment need arising
  • Gain an understanding of the current market in order to further assess the likelihood of success of a full search process
  • Obtain certainty around whether the selection criteria for an ideal candidate is feasible
  • Be further prepared for succession planning, benchmarking or diversity mapping
  • Gain further insight into an industry or sector’s talent pool, finding out the career motivation or key drivers within that workforce in order to better align your business to remain competitive and be a business of interest to talented leaders

Watermark Search International’s market mapping solution not only saves time, but provides organisations with confidential in-depth knowledge without having to alert the market, providing invaluable insights into the target market and identifying the talent pool that exists in the current business environment.